Primary School Maths Tutoring in Cape Town

Building a strong primary school Maths foundation is key to students being able to cope with
high school Maths.

Having a good grasp of tables, bonds and basic operations is so important and we start working
on this in our junior section.

Getting the necessary personalised help and tutoring as early as possible is the best way to
ensure that your child is well-equipped to achieve their goals.

We cater for students at different levels and with different needs, including those with barriers to

Our extra Maths tuition is also school specific, so we follow the curriculum according to the
school that the student attends.

This allows us to keep on track with exactly what they’re doing in class and better prepare them
for cycle tests and exams.

Starting Maths lessons in grade 3, grade 4 or grade 5 will help them to grasp the foundational
concepts that are required for the more difficult work that follows in future grades.
They can then pursue Maths as a subject with confidence and eagerness to keep learning.
Students generally find it easier to ask questions and accept guidance from a Maths tutor with
whom they’ve been able to build a long-term learning relationship rather than in a crowded
classroom where they may find it difficult to keep up with the fast pace.

It’s not too late to seek support in grade 6 or grade 7 and many of our students see a domino
effect when they start coping better with their Maths.

Results for other subjects often improve after that as well as they become more confident in
their abilities.

The Maths becomes more challenging in grade 6 and grade 7 and those students can really
benefit from the additional support and input from extra Maths lessons.

At Mind over Maths we’re passionate about empowering our students to reach their potential.

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